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Hours of service regulations to prevent drowsy driving

Accidents in Indiana involving large trucks are often serious. Because of this, it is important for the government to step in and enact rules to assure that everyone stays safe on the roadways. One area where there is a major concern when it comes to truck drivers is drowsy driving. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported that driver fatigue is a leading cause in the almost 4,000 deaths attributed to truck accidents each year.

How many people are killed and hurt in work zone accidents?

From drunk driving collisions to large truck crashes, traffic accidents take numerous forms. However, those who are employed as road construction workers face threats every day they head to work. If you live in South Bend, or any other part of Indiana, you should always keep an eye out for road workers when passing through a highway work zone. If you are employed as a road construction worker and hit by a negligent driver, you should carefully assess your options.

Understanding burn injuries

Burn injuries may be caused by a variety of factors, and they have a varying level of physical and psychological impact on victims. While most people in Indiana have experienced a minor burn at some point in their lives, some endure more severe injuries which have a profound effect on their future. According to Heathline, there are four levels of burns. First- and second-degree burns result in irritation, pain and inconvenience, but they can generally be treated at home. These burns typically heal within a matter of days with little to no long-lasting effect. It should be noted, however, that all burn injuries have the potential to develop infection, possibly even tetanus. Therefore, every burn should be treated carefully.

Latency an issue in distracted driving

Like drivers in other states, Indiana residents have been hearing more and more about the dangers of distracted driving in recent years - and with good reason. According to, nearly 3,200 people died and another 431,000 were hurt in distracted driving accidents in 2014 alone.

Motorcycle helmets can save lives

The laws on motorcycle helmet use are different from state to state. In Indiana, the helmet law only applies to riders under the age of 17, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute. The District of Columbia and 19 other states, though, have laws that cover all riders, which is referred to as a universal law. While each state has the right to enact whatever helmet law they desire, there is a push for all states to adopt universal laws because of the evidence that shows wearing a helmet can save lives.

The lane-splitting dilemma

One of the most controversial topics when it comes to sharing the road with motorcycles is lane-splitting. While many motorists are upset at the two-wheeled vehicles that speed past their windows during heavy traffic times, others feel that the maneuver is beneficial for all drivers. Lawmakers in Indiana will soon need to address the issue as states across the country take a firm stance on whether or not the practice is accepted within their boundaries.

How can a truck driver be disqualified?

When it comes to driving a truck, your license is key to your livelihood. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for Commercial Motor Vehicle operators in Indiana to be aware of the actions they may inadvertently take that can lead to a license disqualification. There are several things you need to keep in mind.

How to recognize the signs of traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can have a devastating impact on both victims as well as their loved ones. Accordingly, families in Indiana must know what signs and symptoms to look for in the event of a significant head injury. Swift action is crucial to mitigate damage as much as possible, as well as prevent even more harmful effects from occurring.

Understanding the different types of product defects

If product recalls are any indication, you probably understand that there are many hazardous products on the market. At Gardner & Rans P.C., we are aware of the harm that defective products can cause. From faulty vehicle airbags to dangerous toys, many such products have caused serious injuries or death to thousands of people in Indiana and across the country.

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