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If you have injuries from a recent slip-and-fall accident in Indiana, the one question on your mind may be what kind of compensation can you recover. Not all slips and falls lead to serious injuries. However, the ones that do can have a major impact on your life that you may not be in a financial position to deal with. It is important for you to understand how compensation is determined for slip-and-fall accidents. Even though you are hurt, there are factors that can affect the amount of compensation you can recover from the liable party. 

Here is a brief overview of the types of compensation you may receive for a slip-and-fall accident. 

Pain and suffering 

Pain and suffering is a term that applies to how much of an impact your accident has on your health and lifestyle. If your accident results in a few minor cuts and bruises, there is not enough impact to support a claim for pain and suffering. However, if you end up with severe wounds, such as a fractured hip or brain injury that prevent you from recovering swiftly and getting back to your work and normal activities anytime soon, you could seek compensation for pain and suffering. 

Medical bills 

If your wounds are severe enough to warrant medical treatment, you may be able to have the person is who is responsible for your accident to pay them. Bear in mind that you can seek compensation for current and future medical treatments as long as they are for injuries that you sustained in your slip-and-fall accident. 

The circumstances surrounding your accident and the nature of your injuries are not the only things the courts use to determine compensation. Before filing a claim, make sure you are within the statute of limitations and you have documentation of your medical expenses.

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