Posted: April 14, 2017

Countless individuals over the years have suffered injuries due to the negligence of another party. Similar injuries, especially ones that are severe, can have a devastating impact on your ability to perform many daily tasks. If your incident caused you serious harm, and believe another party to be at fault, chances are you will be seeking some much-needed compensation for your financial losses.

Perhaps your accident occurred some time ago, and you have yet to explore any legal options that may be available. However, there is a time limit involved in similar situations, and letting this time pass you by can cause you to miss out on potentially receiving restitution that is rightfully yours.

How long do I have to file a claim?

There are a few key aspects to consider that may affect the amount of time you have in which to pursue a claim. Some key areas that often impact the process are as follows:

  • Type of claim:  The amount of time you have in which to file a claim can vary, depending on the type of claim you are eligible to file.
  • Time of discovery:  Perhaps you were not immediately aware of your injury, which is often the case with injuries involving delayed symptoms, such as ones to the head or back. The time limit may not begin until you are aware of, or should have been aware of, the harm done.
  • Statute of limitations:  This time frame will vary depending on the state in which you reside. Each state has its own statute depicting the amount of time in which a person can file a claim, and having knowledge of the laws that apply to your current situation will likely prove beneficial.

If you wish to pursue restitution following your accident, but you are currently unable to do so, you may want to keep track of time that passes. In Indiana, the statute of limitations is two years, and if that period has passed, you may unfortunately be out of luck, but speaking with an attorney can provide you with full assurance no matter the circumstances of your situation.

How can I avoid missing out on compensation?

Serious injuries caused by another party's negligence can significantly diminish a person's quality of life. In addition, those who are facing these predicaments through no fault of their own will likely incur significant medical expenses during this period that, when coupled with time off work, can create overwhelming financial burdens.

A good place to begin your financial recovery is by speaking with a personal injury attorney for advice and guidance throughout this grueling process. An attorney can thoroughly examine your case, advise you on the time available to pursue compensation, and subsequently assist you in the process of filing a claim against the party deemed responsible for your injuries.

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