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Governmental regulations try to curb trucker fatigue

If you have driven for any length of time in Indiana, you no doubt have been along side a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle like a dump truck, cement mixing truck or something else. When this happens, you can realize just how much smaller even the biggest passenger vehicle is than these commercial trucks. It is not surprising that when a tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle are involved in an accident together, the results can be extreme.

Keeping yourself and others safe when driving a truck

If you are one of the many truck drivers who travel Indiana roads each day, you may be familiar with the risks and dangers of your job. Often, many motorists fail to recognize that truck drivers like yourself require additional space, consideration and time to safely operate and maneuver such a large vehicle on the road. At Gardner & Rans P.C., we are familiar with the complexities of truck driving.

Learning to drive safely around large commercial vehicles

The inherent risks that accompany driving privileges can expose anyone to danger, even if you are the safest driver on the road. You may find that driving around big trucks can be extra disconcerting because of their luminous size and ability to cause extreme destruction and harm in an accident. At Gardner & Rans P.C., we are familiar with the complications of truck accidents in Indiana.

Is a truck owner responsible for a driver’s accident?

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck in Indiana, you may be wondering if you will be dealing with the driver or the company that owns the truck. Whether the truck owner is responsible in part or in whole for the accident, depends on the circumstances.

What is distracting today’s commercial truckers?

Indiana is a major trucker thoroughfare, and if you are like many residents, you may feel a bit uncomfortable trying to drive your own car among these much larger, heavier vehicles. Just as you face distractions while you drive, whether they involve eating, looking out the window or what have you, truck drivers, too, face similar distractions. Giving in to them may prove even more dangerous when behind the wheel of a multi-ton vehicle, making it critical that trucking companies train their drivers about various distractions for the safety of everyone on the roadway.

What is the CDL clearinghouse?

As you travel alongside tractor trailers on the road, you may assume that the truck driver operating the massive vehicle is property trained, licensed and qualified to be driving the big rig. This, however, is not always true. Negligent truck drivers, who are drunk, distracted, unlicensed or have other moving violations, put other peoples’ lives at risk every day in Indiana and across the U.S. In an attempt to decrease the number of people who lose their lives in large truck accidents each year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created a Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

How to avoid a jackknifing accident

The Indiana news is often filled with stories about jackknifed tractor-trailers. These large vehicles can pose a serious danger to others on the road when they end up in a jackknife situation. reports that jackknifing is when a semi’s trailer slides sideways towards the cab of the truck. The most common cause is braking issues where the brakes lock up. It is recommended that all trucks are equipped with anti-lock brake systems, which can help reduce this situation from occurring. Both the truck and the trailer should have ABS.

Hours of service regulations to prevent drowsy driving

Accidents in Indiana involving large trucks are often serious. Because of this, it is important for the government to step in and enact rules to assure that everyone stays safe on the roadways. One area where there is a major concern when it comes to truck drivers is drowsy driving. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported that driver fatigue is a leading cause in the almost 4,000 deaths attributed to truck accidents each year.

How can a truck driver be disqualified?

When it comes to driving a truck, your license is key to your livelihood. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for Commercial Motor Vehicle operators in Indiana to be aware of the actions they may inadvertently take that can lead to a license disqualification. There are several things you need to keep in mind.

Will self-driving trucks reduce accident numbers?

The idea of a self-driving vehicle may seem like science fiction, but it is very much a reality. While you may not be aware of it yet, there are already autonomous vehicles on the roads in Indiana and all over the country. These include both passenger cars and large trucks. According to GTG Technology Group, the first self-driving truck hit the road in 2015 and was created by Daimler.

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