Electrical accidents and injury-causing or deadly fires are far more common than most of us know or would like to acknowledge. At the law firm of Gardner & Rans P.C. in South Bend, Indiana, we take action for family members of electrocution victims and people who face the immense trauma of treatment for burn injuries.Catastrophic Injury Lawyers South Bend

If you have been seriously injured or a family member tragically killed in an electrical accident or a fire in northern Indiana, workers' compensation benefits may not be your only — or even your most valuable — source of recovery. At Gardner & Rans P.C. in South Bend, Indiana, experienced catastrophic injury attorneys will consider every aspect of your potential case and drive relentlessly for maximum compensation.

We Are Driven To Expose Negligence And Help Catastrophic Injury Victims Lead The Most Fulfilling Lives Possible

Our lawyers and staff are dedicated to targeting maximum compensation for victims of accidents arising from:

  • Inadvertent touching of power lines while performing work duties;
  • Negligent switching, failures to warn and other mistakes that lead to electrocution and burn injuries; and
  • Malfunctions of smoke detectors, power equipment, and other products.

Your electrocution or burn injury case will be aggressively defended. We will not be intimidated by complex, disputed issues in litigation or by any powerful opponent. What matters to you and your family will matter to your lawyer, and we will stand by you and stay responsive every step of the way. Leveraging extensive negotiation, mediation, and arbitration experience, we are able to earn just settlements for most clients — but we also know there is no substitute for full-scale, relentless trial preparation.

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If you are grieving after a family member's death by electrocution or coping with the many challenges of a burn victim, our burn injury lawyers are here to help in every way we can. Call us right now at 574-233-6035 or send an email for a prompt response to your concerns. Se habla español.