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Construction sites are notoriously hazardous workplaces, and even the most experienced and safety-conscious workers face an array of dangers. When a serious construction-related accident occurs, injuries are often life-changing or tragically life-ending. Victims and their families must be advised of every option and path for recovering substantial financial compensation.South Bend Construction Accident Lawyers - Gardner & Rans

Should You Take Action Against A Negligent Party Other Than Your Employer?

At Gardner & Rans P.C. in South Bend, Indiana, our construction accident lawyers are adept at exposing and proving liability for dangerous conditions and actions that cause devastating construction accidents. In many cases, our dedicated personal injury attorneys discover that a third-party claim against someone other than the victim's employer is justified — and necessary to recover benefits far beyond those provided by workers' compensation insurance.

On-The-Job Vehicle Accidents · Defective Equipment · Chemical Exposure Claims

After any serious or fatal construction accident, you should turn to a legal team with outstanding investigative resources and ready access to qualified experts. Led by accomplished case analysts, negotiators, and trial lawyers with decades of experience, we have both. Our construction accident lawyers efforts may prove indispensable for your maximum recovery after, for example:

  • A road construction accident, as when a highway worker is struck by a negligent driver;
  • An on-the-job fire, explosion or incident of chemical exposure; or
  • A fall from heights or another type of accident on a construction site where multiple contractors and subcontractors have provided equipment.

Count On Personal Attention, Rigorous Investigation And Practical Advice from our Construction Accident Lawyers

We know that you may be facing severe hardship and an uncertain future. Workers' compensation benefits are limited in scope, whereas a third-party lawsuit may enable your recovery of additional damages, including compensation for pain and suffering.

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