Are You Suffering Or Grieving After A Truck Accident?

All auto accidents are traumatic. When a massive tractor-trailer rig, delivery truck, or other commercial vehicle is involved, the likelihood of catastrophic injuries or a tragic fatality increases dramatically. Even at moderate speed, semitruck accidents are often devastating for drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles.Truck accident lawyers in South Bend - Gardner & Rans PC

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Many other factors make truck accident claims and litigation especially challenging. Truck drivers are trained to avoid admitting fault, and some even take action to conceal crucial evidence. Commercial insurance companies will typically send an investigator, an accident reconstructionist, and an insurance adjuster to the scene right away. The insurance company's quick and immediate actions make it critical for you to also have a professional at your side to protect and preserve your interests.

At Gardner & Rans P.C. in South Bend, Indiana, you will find deeply experienced attorneys who are not intimidated by tough opposition, or by aggressive investigation or litigation. Enlisting top experts from throughout the United States when necessary, we go the distance to establish fault and recover every dollar our clients deserve. Our Indiana personal injury and wrongful death lawyers' proven capabilities cover:

  • Truck accidents caused by various forms of trucker and corporate negligence, including driving over hours, failure to follow federally mandated rest periods, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and improper loads or tire blowouts due to inadequate maintenance;
  • Preserving all necessary evidence to thoroughly and properly litigate your claim;
  • Negotiations and litigation on behalf of truck accident victims who suffer brain and spinal injuries, loss of limb, crush injuries, and other devastating outcomes; and
  • Complex challenges raised by a trucker fleeing the accident scene, false claims that your driving mistake caused the accident, disputes over the extent of your injuries, and more.

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Whatever the specific circumstances of your crash, there is no time to lose in putting a dedicated legal team to work for you. We prepare every case as thoroughly as if it were going to trial, while recognizing that a prompt, fair settlement is often the best outcome for you and your family.

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You need an attorney who knows the strategies and tactics employed by trucking companies and their insurers. You need a law firm that will prioritize your health, financial stability, and future above all. For a free consultation, contact us at Gardner & Rans P.C. right now. Se habla español.