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Even the safest, most skilled, defensive-minded motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to the reckless actions of other drivers. In a fateful instant, a crash, or even an evasive maneuver to avoid a collision, may have altered the course of your life or changed it forever.Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Gardner & Rans in South Bend

When a motorcycle accident occurs, it is sadly common for the motorcyclist — and a passenger if one is onboard — to suffer catastrophic head and brain injuries, spinal injuries resulting in paralysis, amputation, life-threatening lacerations, multiple fractures, and other such harms. It is also common for offending drivers to claim that the cyclist was "impossible" to see or otherwise at fault.

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These and many other factors make it essential to work with a legal team that is prepared for any challenge your motorcycle accident case may present. At Gardner & Rans P.C. in South Bend, Indiana, our attorneys have 50 years of collective experience handling all forms of motor vehicle accident claims and litigation. Our strengths extend across the spectrum of:

  • Thorough accident investigation and reconstruction when needed to establish fault and liability;
  • Access to, and relationships with, top experts who may be needed to prove your claim;
  • Resourceful, concerted efforts to prove that texting while driving or other forms of inattentive or distracted driving caused your devastating accident;
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your needs for top-quality medical treatment, reconstructive surgery, ongoing rehabilitation, and adaptive equipment or full-time care; and
  • Persuasive, well-grounded presentation of the total impact on your own and family members' lives, if you must pursue a wrongful death action.

Your case will be in strong and capable hands.

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