Posted: August 4, 2017

From broken bones and other serious injuries to death, motor vehicle collisions can be devastating for different reasons. In Indiana, these crashes can also affect victims in other ways, which also interfere with their quality of life. For example, you may be going through numerous financial hurdles following a wreck. At Gardner & Rans, our law firm knows how these financial problems can make recovery even more challenging, especially for victims who have debilitating injuries or families who lost someone who was close.

Auto crashes often result in medical bills, which can be incredibly costly. However, they may bring other financial ramifications. For example, a car accident victim may be unable to continue working because they were hurt in the collision. Lost wages can result in falling behind on bills, late penalties, and other issues. Moreover, when someone passes away in a crash, they may leave their family with more than just permanent emotional trauma. Sadly, their death may also cause financial struggles, such as those brought on by funeral costs.

If you or someone in your family are financially ruined by an accident that was caused by a negligent driver’s actions, they must be held responsible. Depending on your case, you may be able to obtain compensation that can help you recover from the collision, at least financially. Tragically, these hardships will continue to upend victims’ lives in the future.

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