Posted: July 16, 2019

Is it Illegal to Talk on the Phone While Driving in Indiana?

If you've researched the dangers of distracted driving in any capacity, you likely already know that many fatal car accidents in Indiana and throughout the nation include some type of driver distraction as causal factors. At the top of the list for dangerous behaviors behind the wheel is hand-held cell phone use. If you drive on roadways in this state even semi-regularly, you probably see adults talking on cell phones while they're driving all the time. Perhaps, it's because it is not against the law.

In the state of Indiana, only drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from cell phone use when behind the wheel of a vehicle. While some believe the federal government should control such matters, most motorists support states' authorities to make their own traffic laws and regulations. No matter which side of that particular coin you're on, it never hurts to step up your game when it comes to staying alert and cautious while driving in case a distracted driver is in your vicinity.

Keep these Indiana law specifics in mind when driving in this state

As soon as you enter a particular state while driving, you become immediately subject to all its traffic laws and regulations. Logic would assume that in order to follow a specific law, you first have to know it exists. Following, is a bit of information regarding traffic laws in this state that may not only keep you out of trouble, but may help keep you safe as well:

  • If a motorist is under age 18, the law prohibits him or her from using a cell phone while driving.
  • The law does not ban those who are 18 or over from talking on cell phones while driving.
  • Indiana law prohibits all drivers, regardless of age or experience, from texting while driving.
  • The law governing texting while driving is a primary law, meaning a police officer can pull you over if he or she witnesses you texting behind the wheel. If a court fines you for breaking this law, you may have to pay anywhere from $35 to $500.

Myriad studies are available for perusal stating the dangers of multitasking while driving, whether your vehicle contains hands-free dashboard technology or you are using a legally permitted device while navigating traffic in Indiana. Statistics show that it's always best to do nothing other than focus on the task at hand while driving. If a distracted driver hits you and you suffer injury, you may face tremendous financial strain in the accident's aftermath. In fact, many people choose to seek justice when they're injured in crashes but not at fault.

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