Posted: March 22, 2017

You probably relive the car accident every day and perhaps dream about it at night. However, your loved one is the one who truly suffers and perhaps will suffer for the rest of his or her life. When the doctor explained to you the damage to your loved one's spinal cord, you likely felt emotions you have never experienced. Now all you can do is wonder what happens next.

Almost half of all spinal cord injuries are the result of motor vehicle accidents, and over 90 percent of the victims of these horrific injuries end up with total or partial paralysis to some degree. You certainly want your loved one to recover as fully as possible, but you dread the thought of what it might cost.

The painful truth about spinal cord injuries

The inability to move one's body normally may lead to many other health issues, chief among them are the risks of pneumonia and deadly blood clots. Other complications from spinal cord injuries may include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Bladder and bowel problems

Victims of spinal cord injuries often suffer chronic pain, which may exacerbate states of depression or emotional turmoil. There is no question that your life has changed. While you may be more than willing to provide whatever care your loved one needs, you probably have doubts about whether you are able to afford it. The lifetime cost of treatment and care for a spinal cord injury can reach $5 million dollars.

Where to turn for help

The accident that injured your loved one may have negatively affected your entire family. Each day brings the unexpected, and you may be finding it hard to remain positive with medical bills piling up and your loved one's future full of uncertainty. With a spinal cord injury, the road ahead promises struggles and trials, and if your loved one is going to make any progress, health care expenses are likely to continue rising.

It seems unfair that you and your family should have to suffer for someone else's negligence and recklessness. Many in your situation contact a personal injury attorney to examine their case and advise them on the possibilities of pursuing a personal injury claim. Obtaining compensation for the pain and suffering your family has undergone may allow you to begin healing and to provide the most positive opportunities for recovery for your loved one's spinal injury.

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