Posted: August 17, 2017

You probably are aware that a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous vehicles to drive on Indiana roadways. You are at risk every time you ride for an accident that could seriously injury or even kill you. While following safety procedures can help protect you from injuries and accidents, your best defense is understanding the common types of accidents.

According to Ride Apart, there are several types of common accidents both involving other vehicles and only the motorcycle. Motorcycle only accidents are most often caused by not driving safely and not paying attention to road conditions. For example, not being able to take a curve due to going too fast is simply a matter of not driving safely and not paying attention to the road. Hitting loose gravel or wet leaves and losing control is another issue caused by not being aware of your surroundings. Paying attention to the road is one of the best ways to avoid many types of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents.

However, you are not alone on the roads. Other vehicles also pose a huge risk to you, but paying attention can often save you from being involved in a crash. Not being spotted during a left turn is one of the biggest risks you have on the road. Vehicles may not see you when they are turning left and run right into you. Vehicles may also change lanes without seeing you, running right into you or cutting you off. Being aware of what other vehicles are doing and leaving proper space between you and other vehicles is essential to avoid such accidents. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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