Posted: May 22, 2017

Motorcycles are the most vulnerable vehicles on Indiana roadways. It is up to riders to do everything they can to stay safe. One of the best ways to do this is to drive defensively. This means driving in a way that will avoid dangers and keep the rider safe. Road Guardians offers some tips for cyclists on defensive driving.

Motorcyclists should pay attention to the road around them by using their mirrors and being aware of other vehicles. They should follow all laws and wear safety gear, such as a helmet. Riders should be careful when driving on new roadways, maintain a safe speed and be vigilant about what’s up ahead. adds to these tips, suggesting riders should follow the scan, evaluate and execute process, sometimes called SEE. This involves scanning the roadway and identifying hazards or potential risks, developing a plan to avoid them and then executing the plan if the need arises.

They also advise motorcyclists develop strategies for handling animals that may cross the road. While animals are quite unpredictable, knowing where they frequent is a good first step to avoiding the dangers they pose. Some animals are best to stop for instead of swerving to avoid them. These include deer and dogs.

Above all else, motorcycle riders should complete a training course to learn how to properly operate their vehicle and methods to use to stay safe on the road. Nothing can replace proper training when it comes to learning how to be a defensive rider.

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