Posted: January 30, 2017

Motorcycle riders in Indiana may understand that they are especially vulnerable in an accident. However, they are not completely helpless when it comes to preventing one, even when another vehicle makes a move that puts them in danger.

The Insurance Information Institute points out that taking a training course is one important way that motorcyclists can improve their odds of safety on the road. In addition to improving riders’ skills, education also helps them to identify their limitations and operate within those. A motorcycle that is equipped with antilock brakes also improves a rider’s chances of staying upright by keeping the wheels from locking and sending the bike into a skid. In fact, they lower the risk of a fatal crash by 37 percent.

According to, a motorcycle crash is most likely to occur due to a vehicle turning left directly in front of the rider. Being constantly aware of the surrounding cars and trucks allows the rider to be prepared for a defensive maneuver. They benefit more from keeping an eye on the wheels for the earliest indication of an unexpected turn, rather than the body of the vehicle.

Many drivers misjudge how close motorcycles are. Riders may be in particular danger of being crushed between two cars in a traffic situation, or at a traffic signal. By staying to one side of the lane and angling the front wheel toward the outside, a rider who is hit from behind may be knocked away from the vehicle directly in front, rather than becoming trapped between them.

When crashes happen, motorcyclists who wear a helmet and other protective gear have a much higher chance of walking away from the accident.

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