Posted: March 8, 2017

As an Indiana senior, you run a higher risk of suffering a seriously injury from a slip-and-fall accident than the state’s younger citizens. At Gardner & Rans PC, we understand the specific criteria that make you more susceptible to falls as you age, and we also recognize the ways in which premises liability laws are designed to protect your interests and those of other citizens.

According to, there are multiple factors at work that may make you more likely to fall as you age. Your eyesight has a tendency to diminish over time, for example, and this can make it harder to spot objects blocking the way or make you more susceptible to tripping and falling over loose carpeting, loose wiring and so on. The use of certain medications common among older populations, such as antidepressants, antipsychotics and sedatives, can enhance your chance of suffering from a slip and fall by causing dizziness and associated side effects.

As an older American, your risk of a fall increases as your general level of activity decreases. Being less active leads to weaker muscles and bone loss, and it can also negatively impact your degree of flexibility. If you are recovering from surgery, such as a hip-replacement procedure, this may also increase your chances of an accident. You may unintentionally start to favor one side of your body over the other, which can lead to falls, and the pain and discomfort you feel may contribute to your risk.

Property owners can play a role your slip-and-fall accident or injury by failing to keep their properties safe and free from hazard. Building and safety codes are designed to reduce these types of risks, but only if property owners closely adhere to them. More information about slip-and-fall accidents is available on our website.